Minelab GPX-4500 (DVT w/SETA, with 11" Mono Coil & 11" DD Coil)

Huge Special! While stocks last - This machine is now discontinued by Minelab, so once they run out they are gone forever!

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The GPX-4500 is worth its weight in gold, with great performance on all sizes of gold while penetrating mineralised ground deeper than all basic PI detectors.

New to the hobby of gold detecting? Full day 1-on-1 expert training available on the goldfields (no groups!) – ask for more details!

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Stronger and more versatile than ever before, this machine’s cutting-edge gold-finding technology offers features and performance levels that other manufacturers are yet to match.

Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA), alongside Minelab’s existing Multi Period Sensing (MPS) and Dual Voltage Technology (DVT) makes for a quieter machine that is more immune to interference than earlier models.

If you’ve never picked up a detector before, the GPX-4500 offers six pre-programmed search modes that will have you detecting like an expert right away

Improved discrimination, including the Iron Reject function, will open up detecting in areas previously avoided due to a high presence of ferrous junk.

Six timings, including two new timings (compared to originally released GPX-4500): Enhance and Sharp. The Enhance timing is a powerful feature, similar to the Sensitive Smooth timing, but provides an improvement in the depth and signal response on small and large targets alike. The Sharp timing is more suited to quieter soils and can also be used as an aid to pinpoint faint signals.

Stabilizer control for the smoothest threshold. In noisy conditions, turning it down will provide you with a smoother threshold. In quiet conditions, increase the stabilizer and faint target signals will be more obvious.

Target Volume allows you to increase the strength of softer target signals. This is useful in windy conditions, for people suffering from hearing loss, and to adjust the audio volume when using external speakers. This can also provide an audio boost in mild soils, and can be used to smooth out ground noise signals in highly mineralised soils.

Additional Features:  Backlit LCD display  •  Built-in amplifier  •  Newly designed Li-Ion Battery Pack  •  Various settings for Ground Balancing

    • GPX-4500 with 11” Mono Coil (with skidplate)
    • 11” DD Coil (with skidplate)
    • [BONUS] Electronic Gold Scales
    • Pro-Swing Harness (with bunji cord)
    • KOSS 100 ohm Headset
    • Lithium-Ion Battery
    • 3-year warranty on control box & coil
  • Technology: MPS, DVT & SETA
    Frequency/Transmission: Bi-Level, Advanced Pulse Induction
    Audio Output: 6.35mm (1/4") headphone/speaker jack
    Visual Display: Backlit LCD screen 64x128 pixels, transflective. Adjustable automatic ‘time-out’
    USB Connectivity: -
    Memory: Setting changes saved automatically and remain until changed or reset. Factory Presets can be restored on start-up.
    Depth Indication: -
    Detect Modes: General, Deep & Custom. Custom Modes are: Hi Mineral, Hi Trash, Patch & Test A
    Discrimination: Iron Reject: range 1 to 10 & All Metal
    Timings Enhance, Normal, Sensitive Smooth, Salt Course, Sensitive Extra & Sharp
    Audio Tone: Variable Control 1 to 100
    Audio Type: Quiet, Normal, Deep & Boost.
    Ground Balance: Automatic Ground Balance, Fixed & Tracking: Slow, Medium & Fast
    Ground Balance Type: General, Specific & Ground Balance Off
    Trash Density: -
    Pinpoint: Quick-Trak button
    Sensitivity Adjust: Rx Gain 1 to 15
    Tune / Noise Cancel: Automatic & Manual 0 to 255
    Threshold: Adjustable turn control
    Target Volume Adjust: Volume Limit 1 to 20
    Battery: Lithium-Ion with built-in amplifier (up to 12 hrs). Supplied with mains and vehicle charger
    Low battery alert: Audio alert
    Length 1100mm - 1300mm (43.3" - 51.2")
    Weight 2.4kg (5.3lbs) (ex. battery)
    Warranty: 3 years control box and coil