[CLEARANCE] The Simplex+ Handbook by Andy Sabisch

This handbook by Andy Sabish contains the information that will help you quickly master Nokta Makro's Simplex+.

Nokta Makro has risen to become one of the leaders in the metal detector industry with the introduction of several high-performing models in recent years and following the unveiling of the Simplex+ at Detectival in September of 2019. The Simplex+ has taken the world by storm based on its performance and price tag. Users worldwide have been making amazing finds at sites that include fields, woods, beaches, parks, schoolyards, and mountains. Coins, relics, jewelry, and other artifacts dating back 1,000s of years are being found regularly with even newcomers to the hobby making impressive finds with the Simplex+.

This handbook, authorized by Nokta Makro, follows in the footsteps of past model-specific Handbooks by Andy Sabisch that unlock the power of detectors and contain the information you need to quickly master the Simplex+.

Some topics covered include:
  • Build a solid foundation by learning what every control on the Simplex+ does and more importantly, when to adjust it
  • Benefit from proven tips & techniques provided by experienced Simplex+ users from around the world . . . along with the basis for their settings so that you can make slight adjustments to obtain maximum performance in your area.
  • How to search for and find lost coins, relics, jewelry, and more on land as well as in and under the water
  • How to get the maximum performance with a minimum of adjustments
  • Accessories that can help you find more, protect your investment, and enjoy your time in the field
  • This book is the perfect companion to a detector that has proven itself to be a powerful piece of equipment. It will serve as an easy reference guide that will have information for even the most seasoned hunter which means more finds at the end of the day and more enjoyment in the time available.