Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is a user friendly metal detector that requires minimum operating skill and delivers effective performance in various conditions. The Tracker IV is easily the most lightweight and simplistic metal detector on the market today.


The Tracker IV will detect in extreme ground conditions from salty wet beaches to highly mineralised inland sites with no operator adjustments to the circuitry and with no loss of sensitivity.

The all-metals mode detects many types of metals such as iron and aluminium to gold and silver. The two-tone audio mode classifies metals for value and the discrimination mode eliminates unwanted items.

The Tracker IV’s ground balancing detects the best results in all kinds of soil.

Additional Features:  Headphone jack with 1/4" plug can be used with most headphones  •  2 x 9-volt Batteries Required (not included)  •  Progressive Discrimination  •  Two-Tone Audio  •  8"/20cm Open Waterproof Coil