BJK Megalodon 1 Tonne expert magnet fishing kit

Want to know what it feels like to pull a fully loaded safe out of the ocean? How about the thrill of resurrecting a full motorbike out of a lake? If you like the big jobs then this magnet is for you!

Introducing the MEGALODON!
This is Australia’s strongest fishing magnet ever! Warning: This is only for experienced professionals! The insane pulling power of this magnet will allow you to pull up treasure that nobody else can, such as: Safes full of treasure, motorbikes, shopping trolleys, anchors and car parts!
We hope you’ve been hitting the gym because you will require some muscle!

The MEGALODON kit includes:
✔️Single Sided 1 Tonne Pulling Power Magnet
✔️10mm x 20m of High Tensile Rated Rope
✔️Heavy Duty Carry Case
✔️High Quality Threadlocker
✔️Triple Carabiners
✔️Cut-Proof Gloves
✔️User Guide

Includes $284.65 worth of value if purchased separately!

This magnet is seriously powerful! We only recommend this for experienced magnet fishers who want to haul in LARGE treasures!

Magnet Dimensions:
2.8kg - 135mm x 25mm

Product Warnings:
-Strictly ages 16+. Experts Only.
-Strong Magnet
-Pinching Hazard
-Choking hazard (Keep away from Children 0 - 3 years) contains small parts (Bolt & Washer). Not a toy.
-Strangulation Hazard: Contains rope. Keep away from young children.