Nugget Ned (BJK) XL Treasure Scoop MK2


✔️1.5mm thick 304 Stainless steel - rust resistant.

✔️10mm & 6mm holes x2 - Perfect for small rings, earrings and other jewellery that usually falls straight through other scoop’s holes.

✔️Rear foot pedal for easy digging.

✔️XL 200mm wide bite to gobble up more sand!

✔️38mm x 2.5mm long handle slot - reinforced for extra strength against wet sand.

✔️Pointed Tip to help make digging easy in compact sand and pebble beaches.

✔️Quad support beams to really spread out the forces of digging.

✔️Quick grab handle when you want to get down low and use it as a hand held scoop!

✔️Welded Seams to improve on the old design and ensure longevity.



-Dimensions: Scoop Mouth - L 290 x W 200 x H 100mm

-Scoop including quick grab handle L 290 x W 200 x H 180mm

-Weight: 1350 grams

-Long Handle Slot: 38mm wide

-304 Stainless Steel x 1.5mm

-Electroplated Finish