Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID

Great fun for the entire family. The Bounty Hunter Junior ID is not just a toy but a fully functional metal detector with great features only found in adult sized metal detectors.


Search pole extends to 26” (68cm) – perfect height for young children
6” (15cm) concentric, open search coil – find coin size objects up to 5” (12cm) deep; larger objects can be found deeper
Pre-set ground balance to minimise the effects of minerals in the ground
Discrimination control to eliminate unwanted items from detection
Adjustable sensitivity for maximum detection depth
External speaker with volume proportional to signal strength
Frequency 6.6 kHz
3 Target ID categories: Iron, Ring & Other, Coin & Valuables
Graphic Target Depth Indicator
Discrimination Control to eliminate unwanted metals
Battery Life Indicator
Compact Ergonomic Design
Powered by 2 x AA alkaline batteries
3 Target Identification categories help you know whats buried before you dig.

Three-Tone Audio: the detector emits a low, medium or high tone, depending on the type of metal detected.

Low Tone: ferrous metals that illuminate the left target-I.D. category.
Medium Tone: medium conductivity metals that illuminate the middle target-I.D. category
High Tone: high conductivity metals that illuminate the right target-I.D. category
Proportional Audio (speaker volume) indicates target strength. The shallower the target (i.e the closer to the searchcoil), the louder the tone. As you move further away from the target, the volume drops. For the deepest targets on the fringe of detection, the speaker volume can be very faint. The visual target-I.D. icons will illuminate regardless of the target depth. The speaker volume, along with visual depth indicator, help you determine a target’s depth before you dig.


Suitable for ages 6 and up
1-year warranty
Made in USA