Fisher Gold Bug 2 Combo (with 6.5" and 10" Coil)

Like the original Gold Bug, the Gold Bug-2 is designed for finding gold nuggets. It offers extraordinary sensitivity, ultra-high frequency (the highest operating frequency on the market), iron-discrimination, dust and moisture resistance, audio-boost and the ability to operate in extremely mineralised soil with a 3-position mineralisation switch. Backed by Fisher’s 5-year Warranty.


  • Extreme Sensitivity to Small Gold Nuggets
  • High Precision Dual-Control Ground Balance
  • Iron Disc Mode for Iron & Hot Rock Rejection
  • Deep Target Audio Boost
  • Lightweight & Hip-Mountable
  • Available with a 6 ½” and 10” Elliptical Search Coil
  • Operating Frequency: 71 kHz