KRAKEN MK2 - 680Kg Extreme 360 Magnet Fishing Kit

Unleash The Power of the KRAKEN MK2 - A 360 Degree Magnet with an Extreme Magnetic Field!

  • Discover Limitless Treasures: With an exceptional 680kg of pulling force, the KRAKEN MK2 revolutionizes magnet fishing, extending your range to unearth hidden treasures from underwater depths.
  • 360° Extreme Magnetism: This cutting-edge magnet boasts an extended 360° magnetic field, amplifying your loot-catching potential, ensuring nothing escapes its grasp.
  • Built for Explorers: Crafted for adventurers serious about their expeditions, the KRAKEN MK2 is your ticket to uncovering historical relics, electronics, and more.

What's Included in the KRAKEN MK2 Kit?

🧲 360° Degree 680Kg Pull Force Fishing Magnet
🪢 8mm x 20m of High Tensile Rated Rope
💪 Heavy Duty Carry Case
🔐 x2 Tubes of High Strength Threadlocker
🔗 Triple Carabiners (2 Stainless & 1 Steel)
🥊 Protective Gloves
📕 User Guide

Unravel the extraordinary features of the KRAKEN MK2:

  • Power and Precision: A staggering 680kg pulling force ensures you reel in heavy loot effortlessly. This extreme strength coupled with precision engineering promises an unrivalled magnet fishing experience.
  • 360° Magnetic Field: Unlike standard magnets, the KRAKEN MK2's extended magnetic range covers all angles, maximizing your loot collection potential, even nabbing elusive items like electronics and relics.
  • Rugged Durability: Built to withstand demanding expeditions, the KRAKEN MK2 is encased in a stainless steel shell, ensuring durability for prolonged use in various environments.
  • Safe and Secure Handling: Safety is paramount. A protective shell and plate safeguard the neodymium block, while non-slip gloves and a padded hard case ensure safe handling and transport.

Why Choose a 360 Degree Magnet?

  • Enhanced Loot Capture Range: The 360-degree magnet's extended magnetic field covers all angles, ensuring a broader range for capturing submerged loot. This comprehensive reach significantly increases the chances of retrieving more valuable items, justifying the added cost by maximizing the potential finds.
  • Versatility in Retrieval: Unlike standard magnets limited to face-to-object connections, the 360-degree magnet's omnidirectional pull enables efficient retrieval from various angles. This versatility translates to a higher success rate in securing elusive or irregularly positioned items, providing value that surpasses the cost difference.
  • Increased Efficiency and Time Savings: The 360-degree magnet's comprehensive coverage reduces the number of passes needed for retrieval, saving time and effort. This increased efficiency streamlines the magnet fishing process, making the added cost worthwhile by maximizing productivity and overall success rates.

Dive into the depths with the KRAKEN MK2 - your gateway to extraordinary magnet fishing experiences that other magnets cannot achieve. Uncover lost treasures, forge unforgettable memories, and elevate your adventures like never before.