Little Ripper (Foot-Operated Pump)

The ‘Little Ripper’ is a convenient off-grid pump that was primarily designed for gold prospecting. Originally the pump was made as a substitute for powered pumps which have been banned in some Australian States. Since its release, it has been used on the 6-inch and 8-inch high banker, Wet-screening systems for Gemstones, and as an agricultural and off-grid camping tool.

In ideal operating conditions, the pump flows 3700 Litres per hour (1000 GPH). The pump is suitable for pumping fresh water, salt water, oil, and diesel (not suitable for petrol or similar liquids). When you purchase a pump you are provided with stainless steel fittings and a fine mesh strainer. We also have available another pump (The Big Daddy) that is a similar design offering a flow rate of 9400 Litres per hour (2500GPH).