Nokta Makro Pulsedive Pointer

The most innovative pinpointer on the market with built-in wireless module that can also transform into a scuba detector! Whether you are a professional diver, a vacationer or simply a detectorist who loves to search both on land and underwater, the PulseDive Pinpointer will provide you with unique features that will enrich your detecting experience.

This innovative design allows for a quick transformation of the device from a Scuba Detector into a Pinpointer and vice versa in a matter of seconds. The Scuba Coil is available as an optional extra.


  • IP68 - Waterproof up to 60m (200ft.)
  • Pulse Induction - This powerful technology allows for very stable operation in saltwater or in any type of soil
  • Built-in Wireless Module - Compatible with Nokta Makro 2.4 GHz Green Edition Wireless Headphones and use at the same time as Nokta Detector
  • Detection Alerts & Indicators
    1. Audio Only
    2. Vibration Only
    3. Audio & Vibration
    + LED Indicator in addition to any of the above 
  • LED Flashlight - Easily see your target at night or when hunting underwater
  • Rapid Retune - Ensures stable operation of the device with the push of one button
  • Dive Mode - Provides easier operation underwater by locking the keys and preventing them to be pressed by water pressure while deep diving
  • Lost Alarm - After 5 minutes of inactivity, the device emits an audible alarm and LED starts flashing
  • Replaceable Hard-Shell Case - The replaceable pointer coil comes with a hard-shell protection case to prevent wear of the detection tip

Operating Principle: Pulse Induction
Operating Frequency: 3kHz
Waterproof: Up to 60m (200ft.)
Detection Modes: Audio / Vibration / Audio + Vibration / LED
Sensitivity: 5 levels adjustable
Length: 28 cm (11'')
Weight: 286 gr (10oz) including the hard-shell case
Battery: 1650mAh Lithium Polymer
Battery Life: Up to 20 hours
Charging Time: approx 2-3 hours
Warranty: 2 years