Nokta Makro Simplex+

Looking for a waterproof metal detector at an entry-level price? The answer is Simplex+.

This compact and lightweight metal detector is fully submersible up to 3 metres (10ft), and is ideal for all bodies of water (including saltwater beaches). This listing is for the version without a wireless headset, and has a 2-year warranty. If you are looking for the Simplex+ WHP ($625) please click here: Nokta Makro Simplex+ WHP


Nokta | Makro have done it again, with an impressive but affordably priced metal detector that will keep you busy in the great outdoors. Turn it on and get detecting with a simple to use menu design – no ground balancing required with auto ground balancing!

Suitable for any experience level, the Simplex+ keeps it simple with 4 great preset search modes (All metal, Park, Field and Beach/Saltwater).

The Simplex+ is waterproof up to 3 metres, this lightweight machine (2.9lbs) has a retractable 25” (63cm) shaft and will perform exceptionally well in all environments.

The lightweight and robust 11” DD coil offers great detection depth.

Wireless headphones are optional, and compatible with this machine – you can purchase these with the Simplex+ WHP package for a reduced price. Please note that the wireless headphones are not waterproof or submersible. Alternatively, the Simplex+ package comes with a ¼” adapter to use headphones with – we recommend the Nokta | Makro waterproof headphones.

Additional Features:  LED Flashlight  •  Vibration Mode  •   Frequency Shift  •  Backlit LCD and keypad  •  Notch Discrimination  •  Iron Volume  •  Updatable Software  •  Built-in LIPO battery

    • Simplex+
    • 11-inch waterproof DD Coil (SP28)
    • 11-inch coil cover
    • 6.3mm (1/4") Headphone Adapter
    • Charging Adapter
    • User Manual & 2-Year Warranty Certificate
  • Frequency: 12 kHz
    Frequency Shift: Yes
    Target ID: Yes
    Telescopic Shaft: Yes
    Depth Indicator: Yes
    Audio Tone Yes
    Ground Balance: Auto Tracking
    Iron Volume: Yes
    Volume Control: Yes
    Pinpointing: Yes
    Notch Discrimination: Yes
    Discrimination: Adjustable
    LED Flashlight: Yes
    Backlight: Yes
    Vibration Mode: Yes
    Illuminated Keypad: Yes
    Weight: 1.3kg (approx.)
    Waterproof: Waterproof to 3m (10ft)