Nugget Finder 8 x 6" XCeed coil (GPX 6000)

Many of you have experienced the difference that a Nugget finder coil can make your machine. The GPX Range of Metal Detectors from Minelab have long been a better Unit for having a nugget finder attached.

Its no Different with the New Xceed 6000 range from Nugget Finder. Handmade right here in Australia since 1991.

Eventually there may be 3 sizes to choose from, but for now only the 12 x 7 is available. all 3?

8 Inch x 6 Inch XCeed 6000 Coil:
- This size might ring a bell as its the exact size of the almost legendary "Sadie" coil for the GPX range. Pick every last spec of gold of mullock heaps, River beds and small tight areas. Miss nothing with this highly maneuverable coil