Steelphase Pro-Series Headphones

The Pro Series headphones are built using high quality aviator muffs for excellent comfort and sound isolation. Highly sensitive 300 Ohm driver elements are used to deliver crisp signal responses. They have a nice bass response as well, for a punchy response on those deep signals.

Designed to be a perfect match to the sP01 audio enhancer, but will also work direct into detectors which have good volume output such as the GPZ7000, GPX5000, 4800 and 4500, as well as any coin detectors.


The SteelPhase Pro Series headphones have been manufactured to strict specifications by a leading aviation/communications manufacturer.

With high impedance inserts, the pro-series offers very high sensitivity enabling the prospector to clearly hear signals.

The Pro Series features gel/foam filled ear pads and headband, a feature not previously available on prospecting headphones, which offers extreme comfort for extended periods of use.


– 300 ohm impedance per channel
– Flexible yet strong curly cord
– Professional Amphenol 6.35mm connector
– Fully adjustable design, cord can be on left or right side for maximum comfort
– Wired in stereo to bring the best out of the sP01 Enhancer
– Ideal for use with any detector featuring a 6.35mm (1/4″) socket i.e. Minelab SD, GP, GPX, GPZ series
– Also great for the SDC2300*, but for best results we recommend the sP01 Audio Enhancer
– Stainless Steel band and frame
– Excellent reduction in environment noise – improves concentration
– Spare parts available if damage occurs – designed to be a long term investment

*Phase Technical Adaptor Lead required for use with the SDC2300.