[CLEARANCE] The XP Deus Handbook by Andy Sabisch

This revised edition of The XP Deus Handbook contains the information that will help you quickly master the XP Deus thanks to tips, techniques, settings and photos of finds to keep you motivated provided by Deus users from around the world as well as from the XP team themselves. This revised edition contains a total of 188 pages.

“The Deus has truly taken the metal detecting world by storm and treasure hunters in all corners of the globe have recognized the power and versatility provided by XP’s flagship detector.” Andy Sabisch

XP Metal Detectors, headed by Alain Loubet and supported by his talented team, has forged the solid reputation of a company that produces high-quality, cutting edge metal detection equipment that consistently finds what other detectors have missed under a wide range of conditions worldwide! 

Now Andy Sabisch introduces this revised and Updated DEUS handbook!

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Learn what each control & feature does and how to adjust them for any condition you might come across

  • Proven settings from veteran Deus users for various types of hunting

  • Accessories that can improve your success, protect your equipment and maximize the performance of your Deus

  • What the latest versions of the software mean to you in the field and how to get the most out of the improvements (includes V5.X)

  • How to boost your Deus’s performance with the right adjustments

Whether you already own a Deus or are still considering purchasing one, you will find this book to be an invaluable resource based upon actual, in-field experience.  Even if you have been using the Deus for years, even one or two new ideas or tips gleaned from the pages of this book can give you the edge over the competition enabling you to find what others have missed!

During the past 30+ years Andy Sabisch has published more than 3,000 articles in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world along with more than a dozen books on treasure hunting. He has worked with many of the major manufacturers in the design and field testing of new detectors and has been one of the primary field test writers for the US magazine Lost Treasure for more than 20 years.