XP Deus + Remote + WS4 Headphones + X35 9" Coil (22cm)

The Deus marks a technological breakthrough, and is a real innovation in metal detector design.

**Please note that you cannot purchase this with Afterpay, as they have a limit of $2,000**



Power, speed, precision, lightness and compactness have all been achieved by the incorporation of components developed for leading-edge technologies.

With patented architecture based on three elements - coil, remote control and a unique set of audio headphones that communicate with each other via a digital radio link.

The search coil contains the essential components for processing the signals, which no longer need to be conveyed via a wire link but are digitised and analysed directly at source by an ultra-miniature digital circuit. This function greatly improves the quality of signal acquisition. The circuit, which is integrated into the detection head, processes the information and sends it to the headphones and remote control in real-time via a radio link.

Remote control: adjusts all the main detection settings - Sensitivity, Discrimination, Ground Balance, Multi-Frequency, Multi-Tones, etc. - and recalls programmes previously created with the remote control

Deploy or fold away your stem in just 5 seconds! This new patented stem can be stored away instantly and is much easier to handle than a straight stem with an integral handle. It is particularly comfortable to use because of its shaped rubber handle and improved operating angle.

Change coils in an instant:The X35 range of coils operate in a total of 35 frequencies - 5 main frequencies (with 7 wide offsets 3.7 to 4.4kHz, 7.1 to 8.4kHz, 10.5 to 12.4kHz, 15.2 to 17.8kHz, 23.5 to 27.7kHz). This listing is available with your choice of X35 coil in 22cm (9”) OR in 28cm (11”).

Finally, these coils only weigh approx. 370g and are equipped with the latest XP polymer lithium battery.


Wireless and comfortable headphones:  The WS4 headphones are one of two options available with the XP Deus - if you would like to view the WS5 headphones listing click here. The WS4 is a backphone style, that wraps around the back of your head. You can comfortably wear these under a full brim hat, if you are spending lots of time detecting in the sun. They let a little bit of ambient noise in, if you need to be conscious of your surrounds.

Wireless headphones are completely optional, but an added bonus of the WS4/WS5 is that they also double as control units for the XP Deus. They can also be:

  • Worn in a wrist band (optional extra)
  • Mounted to the stem
  • Used as wired headphones (with an adapter)
    • XP Deus & Remote Control
    • X35 9-inch DD Coil (22cm) OR/ X35 11-inch DD Coil (28cm)
    • WS4 Headset
    • Coil Cover
    • Car Charger
    • Mains Charger
    • Triple Lead
    • Update Lead
    • Leather Hip Mount Case
    • Arm Strap
    • Instruction Manual
    • 5-year warranty