Channel 9 News and Today show!

Channel 9 News and Today show!

After posting a Youtube video showing Lost Treasures returning a lost wedding ring to a very worried couple (Monica and Parsa) I suddenly got a flurry of phone calls from Channel 9. They loved the happy story and wanted to feature it on the evening news that night. I then got another call from the Today show saying they also wanted an interview all of us for their show the next day.

I was elated that the media found the video and wanted to share the feelgood story. So after excitedly watching our story on the news that night I got an early sleep because I had to be up at 5am to get down to Coolangatta for the morning interview. It was a great experience and to meet the happy couple again. Parsa didn’t have the ring on him, it was already at the jeweller getting resized! Everything went well and they also enjoyed the momentary spotlight. Hopefully Lost Treasures can put a few more happy reunion videos on its Youtube channel in the months to come. The Lost Treasures Youtube channel can be found here.

Channel 9 news and Today show footage of the recovery below.

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