Metal Detectors and the Nomadic Lifestyle

Metal Detectors and the Nomadic Lifestyle

After meeting customers Vic and his wife Deanna it really hit home just how great this hobby is for the traveller or for anyone that simply likes getting ‘out there’. Vic and Deanna were coming over to buy a few top end metal detectors for their upcoming trip around Australia in June. I was very intrigued when I saw him driving up the road in one of the most amazing vehicles I have ever seen. A $300,000 top of the line recreational vehicle. This thing had it all, the amount of gadgets and mod-cons they can pack in has to be seen to be believed (including a roof full of solar panels) and plenty of space to carry the now 3 brand new detectors they purchased of course! They certainly had all their bases covered for the big trip.

Personally, I have always got at least one metal detector in the back of my car just-in-case. You never know where you might be when you’re in need of it. It’s now simply one of the (larger) tools in my tool box, always handy to have close by. The amount of times I’ve been away when it has been needed, whether someone has lost an item, or I’ve come across a new beach or historical site that is in desperate need of a ‘clean up’. I now never leave home without one!

I wish Vic and Deanna all the best on their journey around Oz and they promised me to keep me informed on all the treasure and gold they find on the way.

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