Gold Ahoy!

Gold Ahoy!

Nothing puts a smile on your face more than seeing that shimmering flash of gold at the bottom of your hole. There is something about gold that has tantalised humans for millennia. There is nothing better. In all my years, little gets the adrenalin going quite like finding the most precious of all metals, gold.

Below are some of the gold items found over the years, from parks to beaches, shallow water and even the back yard. All detectors can find gold but only the top machines can detect it in all soil types. If you plan on hitting the gold fields for nuggets, make sure you ask us about which machines can handle the highly mineralised areas Australian gold is often found in.

The easiest way to find gold is just to swing around popular areas and grab yourself a lost ring or necklace. Give something beautiful a second chance to shine. It really is magical stuff.

Gold ahoy!!

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