Hooked for life!

Hooked for life!

We just thought we’d share a nice review and photo we received from a recent customer, it really sums up what this hobby is all about. Look how happy he is!

Dear lost treasures,

Recently my 6 year old son and I visited your shop and purchased a Minelab GoFind20 with his birthday money he had saved.

I wanted to write to thank you for your advice and give you a positive review because I was impressed with your service and the device we purchased. The detector suits him perfectly and can also be used by adults. This was my major worry about purchasing something that suited him (which you cannot tell from buying online).

It’s great to know there is a reputable seller locally and that prices for these units are comparable to other distribution outlets.

Please see the attached photo of Mr 6yr Old and his first real find at the park, which was a $2 coin. No gold nuggets or diamond rings yet but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Thank you once again and look forward to dropping in again soon.

Kind regards,

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