Lost Treasure is everywhere!

Lost Treasure is everywhere!

You don’t have to go far to find old relics and interesting artifacts. Just do a bit of digging (pun intended) and find out where old homesteads or camps were. Below is what we found at a local homestead not far from us in a little over an hour! We were stoked to find an 1885 British penny in amazing condition, a 1916 silver Shilling, 1943 and and 1945 Australian pennies.

Also a very ornate brooch which looked to still have some fine gold plating on it. It’s amazing what you can find a few inches below the ground. all you need it your trusty metal detector, a pick/shovel and some patience. It’s a wonderful hobby metal detecting and a great way of making sure these old relics get a second life! If you already have a machine get out there. If not, you know what to do.

Old homesteads, A metal detector's treasure trove!

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