Mysterious Pendant Solved!

Mysterious Pendant Solved!

Mystery Solved! Back in May 2014 a friend brought in a very strange pendant (now in our display cabinet) and it had both of us scratching our heads and others could not work out the bizarre symbols and thought it might have been something to do with a cult or masonic imagery as another pendant was also found down in NSW. 

Well, a customer just solved the case - it’s the satanic symbol of “Purson”, the Great King of Hell, one of the “Demons of the Goetia”. He is served and obeyed by twenty-two legions of demons. “He knoweth all things hidden, and can discover Treasure”, how fitting! With the pendant now in our shop, we certainly hope he can help us and our customers with this, but nothing else thank you demon!

Purson – Wiki
Demonic Symbols





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