Shipwreck – Lost Treasures helps with the removal of SS Dicky

Shipwreck – Lost Treasures helps with the removal of SS Dicky

A few months ago Lost Treasures had the pleasure (and we must admit a little sadness at the same time) with helping Cosmos Archaeology to remove the most famous shipwreck on the Sunshine Coast, namely the SS Dicky. This iconic wreck was a tourist favourite for many years, but sadly as time went on and with continual erosion it had become more and more dangerous for walkers and swimmers.

We supplied Minelab submersible metal detectors so the archaeology team could map out parts of the wreck under the sand so that it could then be removed safely. The main aim was to find the edge of the wreck (the array of flags all indicated metal detector signals that were above the now mainly buried vessel) as well as any random targets of fallen wreckage off the sides of the ship.

Once the excavation and removal was completed, what remained of SS Dicky would then be taken away, hopefully to become part of a memorial in nearby gardens. It will allow this interesting icon of Australian maritime history to live on for future generations to enjoy.

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