1850s Worker's Homestead

1850s Worker's Homestead

Mark, one of my recent customers told me that he knew a friend that lived on a large property that had an untouched 1850’s worker’s homestead standing on it. It had not been lived in for at least 16 years and Mark asked whether I’d like to join him on a detect around the property. From the owner’s knowledge it had never had any metal detectorists over the area. Of course my answer was a resounding Yes – I’m always up for swinging over virgin historical ground!

We arrived early in the morning so we could get as much detecting in before the intense summer heat would make it unbearable. It wasn’t long before our machines started lighting up with a hit almost every foot of ground, not surprising really, with over 180 years of living going on right under our feet. We found a lot of lead head nails, in fact we probably dug close to 30 of them. Lots of old tools, bolts as well as the usual suspects of ally and screw caps also turning up. I did get the odd nice find, including a 1944 penny and a very ornate women’s brooch (see below).

Sadly the heat became too much and we called it a day after a few hours. It was a great morning out and we’ll definitely be back in the very near future as there is so much more history to still dig up. Here’s to more treasure!

1850s ahoy!!

Oldness ahoy!!

metal detector finds



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