New Brisbane Metal Detecting Social Group

New Brisbane Metal Detecting Social Group

Brisbane Metal Detecting Facebook Social Group

After seeing the success of the Sydney Metal Detecting Club group page on Facebook, I have decided to create something similar. Currently there is nowhere where like minded Brisbane detectorists can organise meet ups, detecting sessions, share finds and talk about anything and everything to do with this great hobby.

The Sydney group are constantly meeting up for detects every week (both night and day sessions) and are always sharing their interesting finds. Even though they have also only just started there is already a real sense of community. Through all the people I’ve met in and around Brisbane, whether it be recovering their lost items or selling them a machine, I know there are a lot of passionate Brisbane detectorists out there. It’s time to get together, to chat and have some fun.

Detecting can be often more rewarding when done with friends!

Also for Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas!

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